'Connecting People for Green Skills' analyzes the state of sustainable construction in Europe and produces a catalog with the green jobs that will draw the greater demand for labor.

Which is the state of play of 'green building' in Europe? How has it been affected by the economic crisis? What are current sector’s main trends? What jobs and professional specialties is demanding? Which will require for the medium and long-term?
These are some of the main issues that have been addressed in the second meeting of the project: 'Connecting People for Green Skills'.
The headquarters of the Association of Construction of Poland (PZPB) in Warsaw met on 8 and 9 April representatives of the eight members of this international project, which takes place beneath European Commission’s PROGRESS programme.

During the meeting the report: 'The green jobs in construction experiences in Europe' was presented, as a result of partnership member’s research in the five participating countries: Spain, Poland, Denmark, Lithuania and Cyprus.
The paper provides a snapshot of the sustainable construction sector in Europe, includes some of the best practices in sustainability, energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact that companies have implemented in recent years and finally identifies what type of labor demand is creating this economic model.
Through various surveys among key players (builders, realtors, employment agencies) the report provides an overview of this green employment and its future growth potential, which will benefit from being among the priority action policies in Europe 2020, European Union’s growth strategy for the decade.
The research has identified various jobs likely to generate a high demand for employment. These professional specialties related to sustainable construction have resulted in the 'Catalogue of job opportunities in the construction industry', the second of the documents submitted in Warsaw.
Among the new occupations highlighted are specialties linked to the integration of renewable energies in new-building, improving energy efficiency in old construction and different specializations in consulting and energy audit in residential building.