The basis for the next semester tasks and objectives were also set out during the meeting in Warsaw, regarding the two further stages of the project:  WP4: Adapting construction supply and demand and WP5: establishment of competences and skills profiles.

From previous research and the resulting documents, the new packages will try to deepen into the labor market and get a more technical awareness of the current supply and demand for green jobs in the construction sector.

The partners will conduct a study of the professional requirements of the job offers (Catalogue of Job Offers) and, in parallel, run a full analysis of the skills, competencies and motivations of jobseekers (List of Skills). The aim of this double study is to evaluate real knowledge of workers on the opportunity offered by green jobs, the workers availability to retraining and, moreover, the training, employment and/or motivational gaps that separate these professionals from the access to the aforementioned green jobs.

The reports will be reviewed by an expert panel. This committee of wise men (National Experts Committee) will select the job niches that best fit the capabilities of job seekers regarding current supply in the labor market or those that can be achieved after a specific and realistic training plan. The result of these analysis and discussions should lead to a list of current green jobs in Europe (Skill Profile File) in which a detailed description of the training requirements, specialization, experience and psychological profile will be included for each of the jobs identified.

This guidance will be provided to agencies, consultancies employment, workers' associations, organizations, institutions, construction companies and, in general, any key player in the construction sector, with the aim of promoting green jobs, improve employability of workers and promote their access to new occupations related to sustainable building.

Accompanying this research, analysis and synthesis a Technological Platform will be launched to allow an easy and intuitive linking between green jobs offers and jobseekers who already have the skills and specializations demanded around sustainable and environmentally responsible building.

This platform will, in turn, support the teaching units to foster the acquisition of green skills and professional expertise to be developed in later stages of the project