Connecting People Skills one-year anniversary!

Gate21 facilities in Albertslund, Denmark, hosted the third partners meeting of Connecting People for Green Skills project (CPGS) on 19th and 20th of October. Last semester project results were shared and examined during the workshop, as well as the first year's outputs. CPGS began in October 2014 and is expected to finish in March 2016.

 The third meeting paid special attention to the last 'outputs' produced:

  1. a skills evaluation report (‘List of Skills’) on the current qualifications and abilities of the workforce in the construction sector in the field of 'green jobs' (WP4);
  2. a catalog of employment opportunities (‘Catalogue of Job Offers’) with a selection of current specialized job vacancies with an intensive demand for 'green skills' in the construction sector (WP4);
  3. National Expert Committees in each of the participant countries, as an extra resource for technical advice and guidance to process the data on the supply and demand collected in the research phase, and arrange future joint ventures (WP4);
  4. a technology platform able to link supply and specialized demand in 'green jobs' in the construction sector (WP4);
  5. and a 'Skills profile file’, that is, a list of job insertion paths, available for job placement entities among others, with information on the technical requirements (training, skills, attitudes) on each of the identified job opportunities. (WP5)
  6. From these results, partners began to prepare the final phase of the GS project: educational guides will be developed to facilitate training in each of the detected job opportunities and also semi-attendance courses will be taught, for both active workers as unemployed in the construction sector.
  7. The meeting ended with a study visit in Copenhagen where partners could learn from two current successful projects that exemplify the growing demand for ‘green jobs’ and ‘green skills’ in construction: a reform program of rental buildings with energy efficiency criteria (which has achieved energy savings up to 60%), and a residential project from recycled shipping containers.