Green Skills conference was held in Warsaw on January 12th 2016. The conference took place in Technical School of Construction no 1. Title of the conference was Green and innovative building and covered the following topics:
- Innovative professions in construction branch
- Sustainable building processes
- IT tools in construction branch
- The future of construction employment
- Importance of customized vocational trainings for construction workers and technical school of construction students
In the conference took part 68 students and 5 teachers and 5 representatives educational institutions, school headmasters.
The conference lasted 3,5 hours. Discussion between participants and speakers summed up the whole conference.

The aim of the conference was to present invited guests current requirements regarding construction sector and job market expectations. Some ideas about personal and vocational developments were showed on the basis of experience and problems occurred in other countries like Spain, Italy and Greece further development.
Participants were introduced to requirements in case of a job offering profiles, aptitudes of person in case of job seekers. Aptitudes like languages, computer skills, profession specific skills, education, level of experience, physical characteristics, leadership, etc. Project partnership was able to gather crucial information of the demand side and the supply side of the job labour market in this specific structure during project lifetime. These kind of information could be very useful for people who were seeking for a new job or for those who would like to change their current profession and develop new skills.
Moreover, invited speakers representing construction branch presented new solutions and tool used in construction processes. Knowledge on state of the art solutions and tools is as well important as vocational skills and qualifications. Nowadays being a worker who did their own work without thinking is the wrong way. Each worker should be innovative and proactive. Not only during seeking for a new job but day to day work as well.
Construction market is getting harder. There is a lot of competition among companies. Each company must work on optimizing construction processes. It means cut expenses and lower margins. So the workers should be more qualified than it was yesterday.